Welcome to Evergreen Equipment, LLC!


     When I first began my logging career I cut for my brother. On our way to work one day I didn't feel like cutting so I informed my brother that I hoped the forwarder would break down so I could fix it. Needless to say, I was not my brother's best friend right then. The love for mechanic work never dwindled while, for 25 years, I ran my own logging business and did my own repairs.  I enjoyed the challenge of repairing and improving. I was often encouraged to start my own mechanic shop but for all those years my shop was the great out-of-doors.  God blessed me with a son and an equipment operator that likewise enjoy mechanic work and when the door opened up to buy the old Hayward Wood Products land, it gave us a shop to work in. We're just in the beginning stages and have opened our doors to repair for others and will be glad for your input to make our business what it needs to be. 

-Delvin Weaver, CEO and Founder, Evergreen Equipment, LLC